Can’t Lose Weight?

There are a lot of times we have to be real with ourselves about our health, our weight, our lifestyle.

There are a lot of times we have to take a good hard look at our nutrition & fitness to see where the problems are.

But after we’ve done that over & over we have to take a deeper look as to what’s going on.

Especially after we have stayed focused & consistent on our food & workouts.

Over the last year I’ve gained 10lbs but haven’t changed my fitness or my nutrition. So this gain is really out of nowhere.

The only change has been that I had a hysterectomy plus complications & my body endured a lot & I just turned 40.

So I did a saliva test to truly check all of my hormones (y’all there are way more hormones than just our female hormones).

Found out I’m low in most…..

So I’m working to bring those all back into balance. Slowly I’m adding in the hormones & tomorrow I’ll start the 28 Day Cleanse that detoxes the body of heavy metals, viruses & bacteria & balances hormones.

It’s not too much different than how I eat now but there are food combinations that pack a big punch & everything is raw.

If you’re struggling with weight & have tried everything under the sun with little to no effect you may want to join me on this 28 day journey

I’ll start tomorrow so there’s still time to get ready!

It’s going to be tough BUT I know it will be worth it!

Weight loss

Reduction of swelling & bloating


Hormone balance

Reduction of brain fog

Reduction of inflammation

Holler if you want these things & I’ll add you to our group!

If it’s not for you that’s ok!

Only a few will do what it takes to get control of their health, weight & life!