My TOP Picks

These are a few of my favorite things:

(I’ll add things to this list periodically so check back often)


Recumbent Bike– PRO-FORM. I love it for days I want long or short, low impact cardio. I can get on this thing, watch a great Hallmark movie & ride 15 miles!

PB2! It’s chocolate powdered peanut butter! 💕 so delicious! I use it for that peanut buttery taste in my shake without all the fat & calories of normal peanut butter.

Collagen- it’s great for SO many things! Especially skin as we begin to age, muscle tissue maintenance- those were what attracted me to it.

Medical Medium Books- there are 4 books. They are full of information, techniques & healing. Highly recommend! & not just to people with mystery or chronic illness. There’s great stuff for everyone!

Grapefruit Spoon – worlds most brilliant creation!

Stainless Steel Cup- I actually have several of them. They are what help me drink enough water thru the day. I don’t leave home without one!

That’s It Bites– so great for a tasty, nutritious treat.

Shakeology- my daily dose of superfoods. & chocolate & vegan to top it off! I use it every day to break my fast – Shakeology

Cranberry juice, Water, Aloe Vera juice & Lemon- this mix I drink often for a refreshing change from water. Yes water gets boring so find ways to flavor it, spice it up, add to it.

Portion Fix Containers – these little containers take the guess work out of nutrition. Each container is a different food group. Comes with a meal guide to help. Portion Control Containers