Diabetes Support

I don’t talk a lot about my son being T1 diabetic. It’s just kind of a part of us now. But every now then I read or see something like this & I’m reminded of the reality we live in. The scary reality but with fear can come courage & that’s where we choose to live. We choose to live in the courage part NOT in the fear, worry or negative part.

So for all my parents of T1s out there – I share this for you!

Our kids are strong & so are we!!

If you or someone you know has diabetes (Type 1, Type 2) I want you to know that I am here to help. It’s a tough disease especially without support. Please contact me if I can help at all!


Nobody saw you..

At 3 am, headlamp on, sneaking into his room

Every. Single. Night.

Praying he doesn’t wake as you bleed his finger for the 10th time today

68. Shoot!

Too low for 3 a.m.

Get the juice box

Nobody saw you

Holding your screaming child down to give them their 5th shot of the day, or change their pump site for the 3rd time this week

“He needs this to survive,” you repeat to yourself

“Will He be able to handle this life?”

“Will I?”

Nobody saw you cry

Because you always had to be so strong

You can’t let him see your broken heart

You must keep going

He has to be so brave, you must set the example

Soldier on

Nobody saw you desperately shoving sugar in your shaking and confused child

“One more sip, baby”

“One more gummy bear for mommy, please”

Staring a hole through the Dexcom

Waiting for the arrows to stop going down

Waiting for the alarm to shut up

Nobody saw you

Trying to count how many carbs he ate

Tiny teeth marks on an apple – is that 5 carbs worth or 8?

Did he eat three french fries, or was it six?

Not enough insulin, he goes high and there’s long-term damage to his little organs

Too much insulin and we’re looking at an immediate and dangerous issue

Nobody saw you on the phone

With your insurance company

With your diabetes supply company

With Dexcom support

With pump customer support

Your endocronoligist

Your nurse

10 phone calls this week when you were supposed to be working

Or napping

Or eating

Nobody saw you, nobody listened when you tried to educate them

To tell them about a condition so complex that they can never truly understand unless they live with it

It’s an autoimmune disease

No, it can’t be prevented

No, there is no cure

Yes, he can eat that

Nobody saw you

So scared to sleep through an alarm

Terrified they might not wake up in the morning

Waking up to feel like you can’t do this crazy dance another day

But you rise to take on another 24 hours – for them

Check the blood sugar, treat the high, count the carbs, treat the low

Nobody saw any of that

They simply saw you at the park, the museum, grocery shopping

I see you, brave ones

I see your grit and your daily grind

I see your fears for the future

I see your fierce love and determination for your child

I see you raising a warrior, and in the process becoming one yourself


Written by a fellow T1D mom, Cici Sidda with permission to share