My Story

Short condensed form:

Wife. Mom. Follower of Jesus. Entrepreneur. Fitness fanatic. Nutrition freak. Martial Artist. Love my family, my pets, & working on living my BEST life!

I have a deep desire to help people feel & look their best, help bring mamas home to their kids & live a life of purpose & freedom.

Longer, more in depth form:

My Story……

Well I think I have lots of different stories that roll into one big story

Like I have my life story – my childhood, young adulthood, meeting my husband, having children & one that has T1 Diabetes (that’s a story in its own, including the decision to homeschool him), my health issues after surgery,

I have my college story – how I went to college 3 different times. & how I ended up getting 2 different degrees as a mom with young kids including a Bachelors in Nutrition

I have my fitness/nutrition/weight loss story – how I battled my weight my entire life, how I gained & lost with my pregnancies, how I used Beachbody to lose the weight, get healthy & develop a lasting lifestyle

I have my coach story – how I became a Beachbody Coach & now make a full time income helping other mamas take control of their health & finances

My martial arts story – how I always wanted to be involved in martial arts but never really found the right place or right time until I found Matthews Martial Arts. It’s an amazing journey.

I’m a lot of things rolled into one as most of us are.

My Story is busy & wild but it’s mine & honestly I’m loving every min of this journey of life!