My Services! How can I help?

Below you’ll find a slew of opportunities to change your health, your fitness & your life! Now is the time! YOUR TIME!

Bliss Farms Meals Meal Prep Service – meal preps, salads, low carb casseroles, smoothies & shakes

$7 Basic Nutritional Guide – sent right to your email inbox

$25 Complete Vegetarian Meal Plan (Plant Based Eating) – sent right to your inbox

$10 Intermittent Fasting Guide – your why should you fast & how to fast guide. Sent to your inbox

$30 FaceBook Information Group – each month I host 30 day groups on Facebook. I have a few different ones I run – Super Self, Proud Of Me, Nutrition 101, Inflammatory Foods, Healthy Holidays. I choose a different one each month. I post daily with information & tips.

$25 1-on-1 Nutrition Call – this is a 30 min call where we discuss your nutrition & devise a plan.

$130 ($99 for coaches) Shakeology – a superior shake that has all the goods our bods need to be healthy (also comes with my continued support & coaching)

$99/year BOD (Beachbody On Demand) – an on demand website that you can access anywhere with hundreds of workouts to choose from depending on your goals & abilities (also comes with my continued support & coaching)

$$ (varies in price) Challenge Pack – Shakeology/Fitness Program combo pack (also comes with my continued support & coaching)


We can mix & match any of my services to help you reach your goals!

Send me a msg through MY CONTACT FORM & we’ll figure out what’s the best route for you!!

Wishing you a happy & healthy day!

xo ~Jenn