Death can breathe life…..

There are so many lessons in each day, in big events & stressful situations if we can see them.

This week we lost my grandma & celebrated my dads day (his death anniversary) & as I sit here this AM riding my bike I’m reflecting….

Death can breathe life if we let it.

It can remind us that once we’re gone so are our dreams, aspirations, goals & things we want to do. It can remind us to not wait & to do the things we want to do NOW.

It can inspire us not take life for granted.

It can inspire us to seize opportunities & take chances.

It can inspire us to keep peace & have a joyful heart & to let go of things that disturb those things.

It can remind us to take advantage of the family & friends that we have.

It can remind us to live each day to its fullest b/c those that have passed on have no more days to live.

It can revive our zest for life & what’s ahead of us.

It can revive our faith & give us new perspectives.

There are always negative ways to look at situations & life events but I choose to try to find the good in all things.

Keeping a negative mindset keeps a negative heart.

So I’ll be shakin’ things up a bit over here if you want to join me?!!

I want to…..

I want to…


Lose weight

Gain energy

Be healthy

Have support

Learn how to eat

Get stronger

Look fit

Wear a bikini

Gain confidence


But I don’t want to:


Pay for anything

Drink that shake

Motivate myself

Join your group

Read the nutrition plan


Girl, get real with yourself.


Yeah! YOU!!

If you don’t change the way you think, nothing will change.

In fact, it may get worse. Vulnerability and investment in yourself is the only way to succeed.

When’s the last time you finished anything that was free and you were alone? Likely, never. Drop the excuses and change your life. Let’s goooooo!

If you’re interested in my help holler!

There’s NO Magic Pill

I talk with people all the time about weight loss & the truth is there’s no Magic Pill for weight loss! Its about what & how much you put in your mouth, are the workouts you’re doing enough & are you burning enough calories thru the day!!!

There are lots of workouts out there but if they don’t increase your calorie burn while you are doing them then you probably won’t see much weight loss….especially if your pretty sedentary the rest of the day.

Also…You must burn more calories than you eat.

No there’s no magic pill but sometimes just small tweaks can cause big results!

Holler if you need help!

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