I thought a blog post on motivation would be fitting for a Monday b/c it’s the most dreaded day of the week.

I believe when we lack motivation it’s b/c we lack our WHY. We haven’t really solidified our reason(s) why we want to do or achieve something in fitness, health, business or life. (Of course motivation can also be lacking if we’re not doing a job we love or a workout that’s fun BUT those are things that can always be changed!)

Example: you want to lose weight. Well most people aren’t driven enough to do that just for themselves so doing it for someONE else usually brings that motivation in that they need. So for me I’m highly motivated to be fit & healthy to be here & present for my children. My children = my WHY.

My children are actually my why for everything – health, business & life.

Everything I do is for them as like most moms. We can use that unconditional love as motivation.

If you don’t have kids maybe you have fur babies or other people that depend on you – use that as your motivation.

Motivation has to come from within b/c of that love burning deep inside you. Nobody can give you motivation. This is why if you’re to achieve anything you must determine your why then really develop it. It will be your driving force on the days you don’t want to workout, eat healthy, work on your business, work on your personal development…..

So figure out what your driving force is then put it around you – you can even write it on sticky notes so you see it often – & this will push you each & every day !!