Here I’ll share the products that have worked for me. (Check back periodically as I’ll update the list & info)

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TurboFire helped me lose 40 lbs! It helped me regain my life after a horrible bout with anxiety. Chalene Johnson is an incredible trainer! If you like great music, punching, kicking & fun this is the program for you!

21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix is a great program – 30 mins a day, 21 days. It’s all aspects of fitness rolled into 1 program – cardio, weight training, pilates, yoga

Plus the portion control container system takes the guesswork out of nutrition!


Y’all! PiYo totally changed my body comp! It’s strength & stretch, low impact & awesome for when we need a change from weight training. Also great if an injury is present. No equipment needed either so you can literally do it anywhere.

80 Day Obsession

80 Day Obsession – if weight lifting is your thing you’ll love this program! Even if weight lifting isn’t your thing you’ll still love this program! It is 80 days, cardio, & weight lifting & serious results!


T25 is a great workout when your life is super busy but still want great results!

It’s intense y’all! But anything with ShaunT is! If you like that intensity – hop in, work your butt off, sweat like crazy & you’re done in 25 mins then this is your program!

I loved T25! I went thru it right after Insanity & kept my results even though it was only 25 mins! To me….that impressive!

Beachbody On Demand

Beachbody On Demand (BOD) has revolutionized fitness! Being about to take your workouts with you & stream them anywhere is life changing! With BOD you can stream from any smart device & internet!


Shakeology is DA BOMB y’all!! I’ve been drinking it since it released 10+ years ago! I drink it every single day! Yes…it’s THAT good! & yes…my kids drink it too! It’s a meal replacement like no other out there. It’s loaded with 70+ ingredients that our body can recognize & use. Superfoods! If you want health, weight loss, energy, to lower your blood pressure, & so much more give this 30 days – see how you feel!

Daily Sunshine

A smoothie designed with kids in mind & for adults who want to ensure their kids get in some good nutrients. & y’all it’s delish! My son drinks his chocolate every AM for breakfast! Loaded with veggies, fruits & protein! Yum!!

Chocolate Recovery Drink

I do all things plant based so I was super excited when we got the plant based recovery formula! Taking a recovery drink after a workout helps our body so much. Helps cut down on soreness, helps with muscle recovery, promotes muscle growth & helps improve muscular strength.